Silke Däschler is DäSi-Grafik

This is how i work...

In the more than 30 years that I have been working in this exciting profession, a lot has changed! As in other areas of life, everything has become faster and more short-lived. With “overnight express” you can have a new business card or flyer the very next day. An off-the-shelf logo or a simple website can be done very quickly. But “hand-crafted” can often seem unprofessional and impersonal.

It is better to incorporate the rules of communication design and let them flow into the appearance, into your products. Planning and preparation are important for this to happen. This way you and I can develop a long-lasting design together that you will enjoy for many years and that your customers will recognize your company in at any time.

Design is more than decor

"... and you, Ms. Däschler, can add a few colorful pictures!" - that was the typical request at the end of work meetings when I was still employed as a graphic designer.



The effect of a coherent infographic, a self-explanatory illustration or a meaningful pictogram should not be underestimated! A clear and easy-to-understand graphic can effectively support texts and clarify complicated processes at a glance.

DäSi-Grafik ist Nachhaltigkeit wichtig

this is important to me...


It is my personal concern not to create more waste with the print jobs I commission than is absolutely necessary. Let's consider which print run really makes sense and which material would be suitable. Today, printers offer certified paper from sustainable forestry. With your print order, you too can make a small contribution to ensuring that our forests do not suffer any more damage. Perhaps the use of recycled paper might be a good fit for your print job?

Material with a recycled waste paper content of up to 100 percent is available in different versions. Do you need a PVC tarpaulin for your advertising? I am happy to take the tarpaulin back if it is no longer needed or if it has been damaged after a long period of use, because the material can be easily recycled and should not end up in the garbage.